WhatsApp’s new time-saving update – “Predict Upload”


The WhatsApp has been frequently providing updates in the application, so that it can carry forward its status as a most effective tool in our smartphones today. By making frequent changes, the application is still maintaining its dominance worldwide.

According to the latest info shared by popular WhatsApp beta tester WaBetaInfo, the messaging application is taking new pace in a recent update. Earlier WhatsApp introduced a feature that allows you to re-download a deleted file on the device and now the application is introducing new feature called, predict upload.

This new feature includes that WhatsApp will be able to predict what photos you want to share and upload it directly to its server before it is actually sent. This feature will enable you to share photos and videos instantly as they are already uploaded on the WhatsApp server. Hence, when you want to share photos or videos on a chat, then the stuff will be easily available to share in real-time.

Regarding your privacy concerns, this latest WhatsApp update will only upload the selected files on its server and are in the edit mode. When you select a file that you want to share, WhatsApp redirects you to the Edit Photo section before you share your file. At this moment, WhatsApp will come to know that you want to share these files and in the background, it will upload the selected files to its server instantly. Make sure, when you press the Send button, without editing any photos or files that you want to send to the recipient, it will be sent instantly, without any delay.

If you want to know whether you have this new update in the application or not, check your WhatsApp version 2.18.61 on iOS. However, in case of Android the situation is quite different. WhatsApp is slowly enabling the new feature for android phones. Firstly, the new update is for a few users who have the 2.18.156 stable version. WaBetaInfo also mentions that users should wait before using this new feature. You need to be lucky user, for the new WhatsApp update to work correctly.