WhatsApp Planning a Big Update


It sometimes make us feel as we regularly overcome with supernumerary app notifications.

However, currently WhatsApp is introducing new features that will give a simple way of filtering messages and alerts that you want to see or not.

WhatsApp developers team reportedly hard working on a system called Notification Channel which will let users filter incoming message into 10 different categories.

Each and every category will feature its own settings, which enable users to mute ones which are irritating and make sure you can see important messages.

[columns_row width=”third”] [column]
[/column] [column] The new featured categories include:

  • Group notifications
  • Chat History
  • Message Notifications
  • Critical App Alerts
  • Backups
  • Other Notifications
  • Failure Notifications
  • Sending Media
  • Media Playback
  • Silent Notifications
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In these new features, you will be able to assign some categories as urgent, which means messages in these categories will be pop up on your screen and make a sound.

Also, there will be high priority messages which make a sound, medium priority which are silent but show a notification on a smartphone screen and low priority which does nothing.

This new feature of Notification Channels will be available on the beta version of the application, which means it may or may not be officially released in the coming weeks or months.

If youre part of WhatsApps beta test scheme, you can try the new feature by tapping and holding a notification when it comes in.