WhatsApp Bug on Android: Deleting Chats older than one year


Recently, a WhatsApp bug has been notified on Twitter by a group of android users affecting since a long time i.e deleting their old chats. Some android users assumed that it is because of the statement announced in November-2018 – Deletion of all Google Drive backups older than a year.

WhatsApp acknowledged the bug in a statement. However, the root cause of the problem is unknown. A WhatsApp spokesperson said: “We are aware of this bug and are working on a fix for the users who have encountered this issue,” The bug, was first reported by WhatsApp beta user last week. It is still unknown whether the bug is a part of older versions, or it exists even on the latest version as well.

An affected user posted on Twitter: “I am facing the issue from June 2018. I am losing very important old messages. I sent too many emails to WhatsApp, now they stop responding me. I tried everything including reset phone, different WhatsApp version, changing phone, but no use.”

However, some Android users believe that this because of WhatsApp decision that was announced in November to delete Google Drive backups. The company had warned that Android users earlier that users who hadn’t backed up their data on Google Drive for over a year would lose their older backups.

That is why users are always recommended to regularly back up their data on Google Drive to keep them safe.