Offline Apps for Android Phones


There are lot of applications available in the market today which work in offline mode, means without an internet connectivity. You can enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, read stuffs like news and articles, listen music and much more. You can have a pleasant offline experience on your phone.

List of few apps for android phones that works offline. Have a look!

  1. Wikipedia Offline Free

    In this application you can download any Wikipedia article on your android phone, and can read them when you don’t have any internet connectivity. You can also download the entire Wikipedia in your phone or tablet and use it whenever you are offline. Images are not loaded in offline mode. You can download two million articles free from the app and read them without internet.

  2. English Dictionary – Offline

    Offline English dictionary contains about 70000 words and 69000 inflected forms. In this offline application, the definitions are based on English Wiktionary. The application is optimized for tablets also with user-friendly interface. It works in offline mode without any need of file downloading. The application works very fast and can be installed on SD card also. You can also backup your bookmarks within the application.

  3. Maps with me Lite

    Application work offline and you can access full maps of all countries from anywhere in the world while traveling or at home. The application has over 35M downloads and also get highlighted in TechCrunch, Forbes and Washington Post. The application is free to use even when you traveling abroad.

  4. My Chef Offline

    An offline application that provides you with a huge offline collection of different kind of Recipes. The application is most loved by the people and it offers you more than 8000 recipes. Its one of the finest app providing recipes for all occasions, snacks, drinks and for daily eating needs. There is also offline search where you can search for you favourite recipe by its ingredients and with cooking instructions. Application is developed with great user friendly interface and very helpful in case emergencies.

  5. Player Fm – Offline

    A very easy to use application that works without internet and having over 1 million downloads. Application syncs across devices & allows you to discover your favorite tv shows to be enjoyed offline. The application has amazing features like video playback, lock screen facility, interactive notification and sleep timer. Player FM is an ad-free app and you can enjoy your favorite tv shows without internet.

  6. FeedMe – Offline

    Many people love to read & keep themselves informed about the current activities around the globe. TV and newspaper are the best sources for that, but in case where you don’t have TV and internet access, Feedme application will serve all your needs. The application allows you to read the news offline with user friendly interface. You can read and manage your favorite articles. The application is ad-free with a simple user-friendly interface and automatic synchronization.