Top 10 Best Platforms for Video Marketing


Like online promotion, Video advertising plays a vital role in the marketing of a business firm. Maybe that is why video marketing sites like YouTube and Vimeo grow by the minute. In reality, a video is an effective & targeted form of communication that needs to be integrated into every factor of your existing marketing strategy efforts.

There are many video submission websites for marketing your business. Video advertising is most prevalent form of online advertising for publishing different types of videos on various channels.

Video submission is a great technique of online advertising and now-a-days it is thought to be a mainstream way of business marketing. This way you not only publicize your company brand but also get great web traffic from the famous media sites.

10 best websites for video sharing, uploading, or submission:-

#1- YouTube

As we all know that YouTube is the biggest platform for video submission. It is a part of Google that allows its customers to upload, view and share videos. It uses HTML5 and AdobeFlash Video to display media files, music videos and video clips.

#2- Vimeo

Vimeo offers its individuals the best approaches to discover and share videos with like-minded individuals all over the world. It offers wonderful HD playback, helpful privacy settings, no disruptive promotions and amazing supportive community that is necessary for video marketing to be a successful business. Moreover, membership can be upgraded to Vimeo Plus + PRO level where users have access upto 20GB per week storage space.

#3- Facebook Video Sharing

Facebook is not just a place where people meet their friends. It is also an amazing video submission website that allows businesses to reach out to the populace through high-quality videos. All you need to do is to upload the video on your timeline or page, then share it with your friends and fans. On this huge platform a video can be shared for an unlimited times, meaning that your uploaded video can go viral after a short period of time.

#4- Google+ for Video Marketing to dominate Google SERP’s

Google went social few years back with the Google+ platform that allows its individuals to share videos, images, photos and other submissions on their Google+ pages. Currently, as long as you have a Gmail account, you are automatically on the Google+ network that will allow you to share videos with your circles. This platform is growing at a very fast rate, making it an easy and convenient way to share videos with people whose email addresses are known to you.

#5- DailyMotion

Dailymotion is currently one of the fastest developing and famous video platforms across all categories. The statistics speak for themselves: there are 128 million unique monthly visitors to this site, and almost 300 million people have watched a video on daily motion through its video player. Also, it offers HD videos across almost all digital devices and allows its users to have a glimpse on on-demand movies among different videos.

#6- Photobucket

Photobucket is a video and image-hosting website that allows the online community to share their photos and videos. Photobucket has more than 100 million registered individuals who upload various videos and pictures daily for the whole world to see.

#7- Myspace

The reality of the matter is that Myspace has gone through a series of vicissitudes, but it enjoyed 1 million unique USA visitors by April 2014. To any keen online video marketer, 1 million visitors is an incredible number. Moreover, YouTube also allowed Myspace customers to embed YouTube videos in their Myspace accounts.

#8- Vine

Vine is a video promoting website that allows divers to explore a world of wonderful must-watch videos. All you should have the capacity to upload your videos on the vine is to download and install the vine application on your digital device. Register yourself and get upload the videos of your choice for the various Viners to see and share with their network of friends and relatives.

#9- Ustream

Ustream provides video streaming services to video broadcasters and viewers. Its main partners are Logitech, CBS news, Panasonic, Samsung, PBS News Hour, Viacom and IMG media.

#10- Blip Tv

Blip is a private media company that gives a platform for internet content where items of web series can distribute and monetize their items. It showcases a wide assortment of comedies, dramas, sports and arts, to give some examples. Blip continues to be the dashboard of choices for producers and its become popular in short period of time.

This is so because of its capacity to allow publicizing partners to deliver totally customization video advertising which includes interactive pre-rolls and video overlays.