Things to Know Before Online Shopping


In today’s digital world, almost all of us do shop online, because online shopping gives us many comforts and discounts at our doorstep. But there are many disadvantages also, which we are unaware of and by understanding these facts, we can enjoy our online shopping experience more better and hassle-free.

You have been listing many news of online frauds, hacks and of low or higher level of cyber thefts. Be aware when shopping on these portals because now a days it became serious concern specially in the time when ecommerce is rising drastically all across the web.

Tips for Online Shopping –

  1. Website Security

    One of the important factor is to check the security of shopping portal while making online purchase, because at the time of online shopping we share our confidential information like credit or debit card details. That’s why just check the SSL (secure socket layer) certificate of the portal thereby looking for https in address bar.

  2. Don’t Give Information Which Is Not Important

    Some times online shopping platforms ask you for the information which is not necessary like your date of birth. And if it is mandatory for you to provide such details then do not make a purchase from that shopping portal. As it is not always but the chances are there if such sites belong to attackers, then it can do a lot of harm to your account by combining your details with your credit card or debit card details.

  3. Go for Off-Season Shopping

    Off-season shopping is always a best way to save a good amount of money, as many online shopping websites keep their prices very low for products during the off-season. So, it is profitable to do shopping during the off-season. For example, you can buy a hoody or sweatshirt in summer and shorts in winter.

  4. Strong Passwords

    Always tries to create strong passwords while making online purchase, so that the chances of password hacking can be reduced. It is because as secure as your password will be it will take more time to get decoded by attackers.

  5. Don’t use Public Computers (Cyber cafe) for online purchasing

    Avoid using other computers for you online shopping, always try to use your personal system. It is because if you always close the browser without logging out from your accounts or even having a habit of saving passwords in the browser then it can be harmful for you. Because in this way you are providing an open opportunity for snoopers to take advantage of your accounts.

  6. Compare the prices of products

    Different online shopping portals charge differently for the same product. So you can compare the prices of same product on different websites using price comparing websites like Pricegrabber, Nextag and Shopzilla etc.

  7. Check Out Delivery Charges

    Most of the time we don’t think on delivery charges of the ordered products during our online purchase and later it becomes a headache for us. Thus, read the complete details of the product (inclusions & exclusions) before ordering it. This will not only save you from paying much extra charges but also help you to buy some other item in case your budget does not fit into the cost with the delivery charges.

  8. Dont follow coupon link from unknown sources

    Directly visit to original website without following any promotional link from other sources. Yes, many times on different websites we can see coupon links for their products and we visit which exactly seems like original vendors. But all always it is not true. Fraudsters make them much likely original and create an illusion of being original online shopping portal. Do not provide them your details as long as you are not sure about the coupon discount offers whether they are from original vendor or not.