Singapore Starting Point for Round-trips to Malaysia


If you are in Singapore, it is the perfect starting point to go for a round trip in the Southeast Asia region. It is a central location where you can explore other nearby countries. The nearest one, Malaysia is probably one of the most exciting. Due to its central location, you can expect to learn about various cultures and traditions there. But you can also explore thriving, modern cities and colonial architecture and be hiking through lush green jungles in Malaysia. And, last but not least, relax on some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet.

Usually, you can book your tour packages and trips directly in the Malaysian tourist locations. If you are from Europe and prefer a complete arrangement, you can book your Malaysia round trip also from outside. One of the most famous addresses is the German tour provider Intake-Reisen. You will have access to a lot ofMalaysia round tripsbut also in many otherAsian regionsdirectly fromIntakt-Reisen website.

In the following, we will recommend you some of the top places that you must visit when traveling in Malaysia. If you need deeper information you should visit the Tourism in Malaysian website.
Start your journey by exploring Kualalumpur

Most of the international flights will have its stop at the Kuala-Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). It will take you roughly 40 min to 1 hour. Since you are at Kuala-Lumpur, you should visit some of the famous landmarks such as Petronas Towers, Batu Caves, Kuala-Lumpur Tower, Merdeka Square and much more. Since Kuala-Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia, there are many shopping outlets available for tourists such as Central Market, Suria KLCC, and Berjaya Times Square. It is recommended to spend at least 3-4 days when in Kuala-Lumpur.

Explore the island of Borneo

Borneo is one of the biggest islands in a whole way across the world, positioned at number three, though in Asian it is known to be the largest ever island. Borneo Island is positioned to the north of Java, towards Sumatra’s east and Sulawesi’s west. Altogether, this particular island is a division among three Asian nations particular Indonesia towards the south, with Brunei and Malaysia towards the north.

If you are getting a flight from Kuala-Lumpur to Borneo at that point there are two companies that carry flights to Sarawak and Sabah. The Malaysian Airlines (MAS) operate various flights from various countries to major towns and cities that a part of Borneo. Then again, the renowned AirAsia also has routes that stretch from the Malaysian Peninsula to Borneo and places around it.

Borneo is honestly a wonderful place which can be accessed rather easily. It is possibly the most convenient places in all of Southeast Asia for a nice vacation. Here, you can unravel the beauty of the disappearing and dying forests of Borneo along with some of the most endangered species. You must definitely not miss out a chance to encounter the unique creatures here and have a safe journey no matter from where you opt to travel to Borneo. However, the recommended route is from Kuala-Lumpur to Borneo. If you do not want to organize all by your own it is possible to book a completeBorneo nature travelarrangement.

Take the time to admire the National Parks of Sabah and Sarawak National Parks

Sabah and Sarawak offer tourists with its wonderful National Park which is the Bako National Park and Kinabalu National Park. It is absolutely a great place to go as it gives you a different vibe where there is no large crowd of tourists there. You can take your time exploring the park and enjoy the nature of the both National Parks. It is one of the few places in Malaysia where you can see the plant and some of the endangered animal species.

Travel to the city of Malacca

The city of Malacca has a mixed heritage of Malay, Chinese, Indian, European and sundry influences. It is one of the famous cities of the visit when in Malaysia. It takes around 2 hours from Kuala-Lumpur by bus. This city has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site back in 2008.From Sabah and Sarawak; you can take a flight back to Kuala-Lumpur and travel here by bus.

There are many attractions in Malacca such as Maritime Museum & Naval Museum, Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum, Chee Hong Teng Temple, Christ Church, Jonker Street, Porta de Santiago (A Famosa) and much more. You should take the Melaka River Cruise when in Melaka. It is a 40-minute riverboat ride that takes you on a journey down the Venice of the East. There’s also a history behind where this waterway was once used as a trade and commerce center for the Melaka Malay Sultanate.

This round trip will give you the best experience, unlike any other countries that you have visited in Southeast Asia. No matter how often you have seen it in photos and films, visiting the real thing is more dreamlike than you could imagine. Get lost in the city and be awed by the fabulous natures and culture when in Malaysia. Exploring Malaysia is definitely a wonderful adventure that you must have when given a chance.