Practically implemented idea of Email Marketing


Emails are the most economical method of marketing for all (small, medium and large) businesses. Since long we are receiving emails pretending to be a Newsletter but actually they are not. People doing this wrong practice innocently to get benefits, but Email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff Mail, and more are tracking these emails with multiple strict parameters and marks them all as spam. Due to which many genuine emails gets marked as spam.

If you are doing bulk email marketing, you must read further…

I have experienced that sending mass emailing soon starts landing in spam folder. According to a study of my various email marketing campaigns, I conclude that once your email lands in Spam, it means more than 80% mails will land in spam and approx 20% users open spam folder; generally they delete all mail in spam folder even without reading properly.

In short, keep sending mass emails are good for nothing, because generally from your email account you may send approx 500 emails a day. The mail checking and delivery system track and mark such similar mails as spam in a day or two. Hence, your mails are being read by only 100-150 recipients per day and reducing. In longer time period, the result comes-out to less than 1% open rate.

How to improve the email campaign (secret reviled)

I am working in Website Designing and Software Development industry since year 2000, and on this subject since last 5 years. I have experienced many email campaigns and discovered various tricks to land your email into an inbox and deliver more readability. The secret behind my successful bulk email marketing is; I use highly optimized servers for sending emails to genuine recipients, and non-existing email addresses will be delete from my account permanently, it works with my auto-opt-out technique. The direct benefit I get is – more inbox deliveries in every campaign. You get instant open and click-to-website rate of your campaign.

The most important point for your email marketing campaign is that, your business must be locate-able on internet. Either your website or any free listing on Google search engine. You may get a basic website listing at zero cost with the help of available online portals like *, * and ** (they all are world famous DIY website builders) or get a real professional website designing package at best price

Follow the steps to create a healthy email campaign

My first suggestion for your email campaign is create a website to mark an online presence.

Secondly, write a few small informational paragraphs, (glimpse of exiting features) to send in email periodically.

This is to create urge to read full content to get complete information, as a result; recipients will land on your website

Importantly, your must include a relevant picture related to your text. Picture attracts 500% more than words and readers understand the concept in a few seconds.

Choose an attractive Subject for your emails, must be a catchy one. After-all your subject will get only 10 seconds to attract a recipient.

Apart from these, there are more steps to follow, which helps to land your emails in the inbox.

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