Mobile Advertising- How to Use Whatsapp for Your Business Marketing?


How to be Successful in Business Marketing via WhatsApp.

While many may, in any case, hood back to formal business communication strategies and communicate nowhere beyond emails, the greater part has broken the glass ceilings and already invaded the area where communication is more quick and accessible.

All needs are been addressed to when one thinks of a perfect medium of communication. From chat based text messaging to voice note and now calling as well. Sharing photos, videos and other media files all at fingertips with a single mobile application.

With 1 Billion users across the globe, Whatsapp is seamlessly connecting and at almost a negligible cost of the data usage. No one is scared of steep international call charges these days. As per its usage and advantages Whatsapp can be utilized as a revolutionary business communication medium.

Whatsapp can be utilized in the following ways to meet some professional business communication needs:

  1. Whatsapp group of the team to keep refreshed about any information even when you are out for a meeting or while looking for approval of all team members, etc.

  2. For balanced communication with team members for suggestions even at wee hours when a phone call is impractical.
  3. Communication with seniors and colleagues who might be busy at that moment and can choose to respond instantly as soon as they get free to check the message. This sounds a better idea than been asked to call later as in the meeting. Saves a lot of time and followups!

  4. Communication with clients at their convenient time. Whatsapp reminder or follow-up they always reply thoughtfully as they reply at their own comfortable time and pace.

  5. Saves lot of cost on heavy call charges which are imposed while discussing work with a partner or a fellow team member.

Following three advantages of Whatsapp can be attributed to its increased usage for professional communications:

  1. Usability:
    It is simple to use and have more than 1 Billion users across the globe. File and media exchange can be carried out instantly and seamlessly.

  2. Accessibility:
    Everybody carries their phones with them and spending time on Whatsapp to socialise. No one misses out a Whatsapp text when even an email might get missed in the sea of mails.

  3. Informal:
    It doesn’t take time, it’s nothing like similar to start drafting a professional formal email. It is easy, instant and informal so that anyone can text conveniently. It is not a formal channel so doesn’t sound scary or like doing a big task.

Some Real Business through Whatsapp:
Whatsapp have been successfully utilized by small and Small-Medium Businesses for some serious business deals and even closing sales.
1. Marketing and Promotions

It has just been identified as an incredible marketing and advancement medium and e-commerce SaaS companies like Shopify, Zepo etc. Now they integrated Whatsapp advertising tool to promote and sell through Whatsapp for their e-commerce customers.

Other than e-commerce events and exhibition companies are deeply using Whatsapp for their promotions. They have data about various WhatsApp groups for particular events and industry where they want to connect with and let them be updated about their upcoming promotion event.

Creative images of the event and promotional materials are been shared to attract the prospects. No detailed text is even used in the message, most of the time it is communicated through a promotional banner of the promotional event. Creative image communicates all information like event time, event type, participants, venue, inclusions and date etc all delivered in a precise manner.

Whatsapp groups wher individuals voluntarily participate in to keep theirself updated about such events, because they need to take part in such events. Through whatsapp its much easier to participate in such events than go oustside and search elsewhere for what is coming up next.

Whatsapp also has a broadcast where you can choose to send a single message to a complete list. It has also been utilized as a great promotion tool for professionals and also saves a lot of time.

2. Getting Leads, Deals, and Sales via Whatsapp

Whatsapp have been effectively used not only for promotions but also for closing deals and generating sales. Many businesses start selling on WhatsApp even before some other platforms. They promote their number through social media platforms like Instagram shops and Facebook groups and pages etc and buyers inquire about their products on Whatsapp.

At that point, they negotiate on chat itself and close deals by sharing their account details and once they receive the copy of transaction been made or any such deal, they dispatch the order. Numerous regional handicrafts and art products are being sold like this in India and even abroad also.

Individuals have made groups for sellers and purchasers where they continue sharing their product pictures and them purchaser may inquire further with them in individual chat on Whatsapp or group itself as per the set guidelines of the specific groups.

Some are selling ladies clothing and accessories etc so they have all ladies purchasers. Some sell men’s clothing and accessories etc so they have all men purchasers. There are groups selling all Rajasthani items from clothes to handicrafts to travel services etc. They have purchasers who would be interested in this niche. There are imported items seller groups, Chinese items seller groups and more.