Kingfisher Announces Instant Beer Packet


You cant buy happiness, but you can buy beer and thats pretty much the same thing

Now enjoy instantly made Fresh beer sachets at Home. Beer Lovers, you could instantly make beer at home, with just two easy steps; The product is sold in a box which contains two sachets. One is the carbonation powder to give your instant beer the refreshing fizz. The second is the beer powder, which gives the instant beer the actual Kingfisher beer flavour you know and love.

Kingfisher believes that a drink like beer deserves to be had anytime, anywhere!.

This was the most famous April Fools joke of 2019, as-well-as the best Business Marketing Idea

Yes, you read that right, Kingfisher has shown that theyre master pranksters and master brewers, but they also produced an example of best Business Marketing Idea of the year.

Just after the announcement of Instant Beer, the campaign received more than half a million views and over 70,000 shares in as little as 48 hours. Then, on April 2, 2019 morning, United Breweries broadcasted on YouTube that the instant beer idea was in fact, an April Fools prank.