How to Increase Mobile App Downloads: A Guide For Ranking on Playstore


We always keep browsing Google play store for new apps, and we always come across with popular apps coming on top in search results while some are not rank well. The only reason behind is some app publishers have increased their app downloads by improving their app store ranking. App development is a creation of any solution for issue which is occurring in our daily life or for business purpose, in the same way, app marketing on Google play store or any other app store is also very important and challenging part.

Mobile apps are trending today. There are more than 2 million android, windows and iOS apps available today related to almost all the categories. So, in such a huge app marketplace, a very effective marketing strategy is required to increase the app downloads and make it popular on play store.

If we research and learn the functioning and algorithm of Google play-store, then definitely we will be able to implement the most effective marketing strategy to boost android app downloads on Google play store.

The concept of ASO – App Store Optimization

As we know about the concept of SEO i.e Search Engine Optimization, in the same way ASO is the concept of App Store Optimization. The concept deals with app ranking on play store, how downloads can be increased and you mobile app ranking in search results.

Whenever we search any application in play store, we always prefer top results, and download the apps listed on the top. Similarly to increase your mobile app downloads, the app should be ranked in top results of Google Play store. The top position you hold, the more are the chances of getting it downloaded.

To improve play store ranking and increase app downloads, we have to work on some aspects of Google play store. Let us discuss in detail how to work with these elements to improve Google play store ranking.

  1. Number of Installs

    The number of downloads reflects how much popular is your app, therefore at the first interaction, it counts and judge on. The more you get app downloads, better you will be ranked in play store. As we reach threshold point of play store search results and downloads then automatically we start getting more and more installs and better ranking.

  2. App Engagement Level with user

    If the user downloaded the app and didn’t use it but keep it installed, that generally don’t affect the ranking to many levels as an active user base effects the play store ranking. So it is more important to get more active users and not just the number of installs which will not bring much value.

  3. App Reviews and Ratings

    It does’t matter if the download figure is less, but if customer reviews and ratings are good or you can say average on play store then it will surely lead other apps with more downloads in terms of play store ranking. Quality is the main factor behind every product success so, in today’s digital world, the more positive reviews you get more will be the app ranking on Google play store.

  4. Number of Uninstalls

    App uninstallation by the user instantly after downloading it also lower google play store ranking. So present something impressive in the first interaction so that user stay with it and try to explore the app features.

  5. Download Growth

    A constant growth rate in terms of figures and quality of downloads alter google play-store algorithm and its search results. It is very important to make continuous efforts towards play store ranking and keep it up. Have a deep analysis regularly if the growth graph dips and make strategies to bring it up and keep upscaling continuously.

  6. App Retention

    Google algorithm consider the time frame through which an application stay installed on user’s phone. On the basis of time duration the points are given by Google to the app.
    The more will be the time period of installation, the more positive points an app receives which also affects the Google play store ranking of the app.

  7. App Demo Video

    A good how it works video of the application not only increases the ranking but also has a great effect on quality downloads. After watching the demo video, a user makes more precise decision of installing the app. It increases the application quality and engagement of the app with the user as well as the retention.

  8. Regular App Updates

    Updating as well as upgrading the app functionality for the users helps in increasing play store ranking. Working on feedbacks and fixingup minor bugs, affect the app engagement, retention and other factors.

  9. App Title and Description

    A relevant and apt title for your app will work very effectively. To a great extent, proper keywords play a magnificent role in ranking the app on play store and stay top of the search results, finally increase in app downloads. The title of your app will provide you positive or somewhat negative results. For better results always use the focus keyword in the title.

  10. Lengthy product descriptions are always ignored by the users. Assume yourself as a user, you will also not prefer to read the whole stuff. So the description of the app should be short and effective enough to leave an impression on the users. In search engine results, the initial 167 characters of your app description work as the meta description, so, therefore, try to frame the initial part of description covering your all hot keywords and other important info you believe the users will search you for.

  11. Keywords

    Good keywords plays a very important role in play store ranking and thus increase mobile app downloads by ranking higher. As you need proper keywords to optimize your website for appearing in top results, similarly in the app store, you also need to use proper keywords in your app title as well as app description so that the people looking for your product and services can find you easily on the app store.