Free email Service Providers that are most Popular and User-Friendly


In ancient time the method of communicating with each other from long distance was pigeons. Then came the era of telegrams, letters, telephone, and emails due to the great revolution of internet which makes everyone stay connected with each other. For a business, email is considered as the most beneficial and professional medium of communication and in today’s world of internet, email has become a most reliable communication medium and marketing tool.

Here we are discussing about some of the best email service providers who are most reliable in their class and have been in the business for a long time. Today, 85% of the professionals, business individuals, andeven small entrepreneurs use their services as a communication medium with their clients.

  1. Gmail

    Gmail is a free email service given by Google Inc. Register yourself on google and get a free benefit of protected webmail to access. Content privacy of the emails is ensured and is the first importance of Gmail. The interface is available in 72 languages and has 900 million users across the globe. For a free account, it allows to use 15 GB space and by paying a little amount you can further extend itaccording to your requirement. Now a days Gmail is not used only for emails but also for many other services that Google offers.

  2. icloud Mail

    Its a multilanguage cloud storage service from Apple Inc. It has more than 320 million users worldwide. Icloud offers ample storage for its users to store their datal ike documents, photographs, music files not only on iOS and windows devices. It’s a hassle free platform to send or share data to other users. icloud provides the facility of backup on iOS devices. All the data including SMS, MMS, videos, photographs, mails etc can be re-stored by backup creation.

  3. Yahoo Mail Service

    Yahoo was established in the year 1994, and provide free email services. Its head offices are located in US, Sunnyvale, and California. Yahoo mailing service is mostly used by the professional around the globe. It is globally known for its search engine and many other features like online mapping, video sharing and web portal.

  4. AOL Mail

    AOL is a free email service provider launched in 1993. It has unlimited storage capacity with file attachment limit up to 25 MB. Register yourself on AOL site and get access to its amazing features. This email service is also known as AIM Mail. AOL mail is available in 54 languages, and supported by protocols POP3, SMTP, IMAP.

  5. Outlook Mail

    Initially, Outlook mail was launched as Hotmail by Jack Smith & Sabeer Bhatia in 1996, and then later on in 2013 it was owned by Microsoft Inc. There are 420 million active users using Outlook mailing service across the globe.

    Outlook mailng platform uses Ajax programming techniques & it is supported by all major browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox & Safari. Outlook Mailing service is full of security and content privacy is the top priority. This service is available in 106 languages and having a quick view option to view mail attachments without opening the whole email. It has numerous different features like Online office, Skype, and drive etc.