Content Optimization Tips- Generating New Ideas for your Blog


There is no dearth of finding thoughts for your content in this digital era but finding ideas which are unique and get you more results needs more attention. It expects one to go beyond the region and think what is going on the masses and write something related to it. It is always a tedious task to continue researching for content and ideas all the time.

Considering this fact we have sum up some of the great approaches that you can browse for generating clickable thoughts for your content without wasting much time and resources.

7 Primary Sources to discover Ideas for Creating Content that is Trending
1. Twitter Trends

Twitter trends are very popular nowadays. Twitter has become a fantastic tool to go with the pulse of the trending news and updated across the globe. There is an awesome twitter application called ‘Topsy’ which works like a search engine for twitter. It helps you to discover all new trends even in a particular region.

2. Google Alerts

You should definitely go for Google alerts if you want to keep updated on some particular topics. When you create an alert with Google every time when that specific keyword is searched or mentioned anywhere across the web, you will get an email notification for the same.

3. Facebook Trending Topics

Facebook shows trending topics which are continually updating. So it works on basis of popularity of the topics. When a topic start trending, Facebook give a straight reason for the new trend just after every other trending topics. Although the Facebook trends are not much heavy influencer as much as Twitter trends are. Also Facebook differentiates trending topics according to your likes and your friend’s suggestions. So the trending topics can be different for each and everyone.

4. High Search Volume keywords

High search volume keywords as we know, are the keywords which are most famous because of the high volume of searches on the web. Find out the high search volume keywords which are specific to your target audience. It’s not just about the high volume keywords in general. Instead of guessing the high search volume keywords for your audience, you can simply take help by proper keyword research. Google analytics and Adwords keyword planner are amazing tools to check your keyword search volume and performance.

5. Quora

Quora is a platform that exactly provides you what you are looking for. Over 1.5 million visits per month, Quora is unique in itself and connects people from all around the globe to engage in trending topics of their interests. Quora offers a great advanced feature to see what other individuals are discussing around the globe and moreover an ever-increasing number of people who are talking about new trends.

It gives a very precise knowledge about the discussions and depth of ideas in relation to the topics. It help you to generate new and unique ideas on the basis of the research that you do on popular discussion topics which are relevant to your audience.

6. Forums

Forums are an incredible source to keep the track of market trends even before anything else. It is a great source if you grab the popular forums in your target audience segment and make analysis what people are communicating and what are their concerns.

7. Reviews and Feedbacks

Product reviews is a great tool to understand what individuals are talking about, their experiences with the products and services they have taken. It will help you to have much clear idea about the way people on web are expressing their complaints, user experience and concerns for a product or service.