Content Marketing Tools – 10 Best Tools for Online Marketers


Nothing better than investing more time in content promoting in the present times when it is yielding most lucrative results. However nothing better to anything getting more results by contributing lesser time. Automation is the key we are referring to here. Rather than doing everything in a conventional manner if we turn to an organized automation strategy of approach on a daily basis we tend to reduce the amount of time we need to spare for our content promoting efforts.

There are various tools available that support content marketers in many ways. Here is a list of 10 best tools that make the work of marketers simple and make their efforts useful. Have a look!

1. Pulse

This is the application that gets you refreshed with the best business headlines and business news curated by the LinkedIn. You can personalize the news and select the news & themes of your advantage and choice.

2. Trapit

Designed for iPad. This application allows you to provide relevant content to the workers or team. Content can also be shared on social media, customers and prospects. Trapit suggests and delivers the relevant content that goes in the sink with user’s preference.

3. Feedly

With this content marketing tool you can add your most loved blogs to get the content on the topics of your interest in your feed. Feedly has grown to 7 million users in the recent times. Putting it in other words Feedly is one great RSS reader that keeps you updated on the latest blogs.

4. Quora

In order to discover what kind of inquiries the audiences are asking, quora is one best application to be used. You get to know what are the trends going on in the market and accordingly draft the content for your blogs. You make inquiries and receive answers here. It is as easy as that.

5. Twitter

By using hashtags that are related and relevant to your industry, business or brand, you can come to know what kind of audience are interested in you and what they want. This way you can gain insight to what kind of content to generate for your audience or say potential customers.


With you get to see the most applicable and connecting stories from social media and the web. You get access to pamphlets and online newspapers from millions of sources across the web. You can even create your own particular custom online newspapers with articles, videos, pictures etc and do the work of sharing and promoting the same via social networking.

7. Alltop

Presents to all of you the best news from across the web. You get the latest updates in the form of news as to what is going on in several industries. Everything right from business to technology, to breaking news, alltop has it all.

8. Reddit

Reddit today brings insights of various content matters for content marketers. Reddit has more than 37 million client accounts with unlimited comments by individuals. You can use reddit for content motivation on a variety of topics from across the web by discovering the trending stuff on this platform.

9. MailChimp

To market your content to those in your email list, Mailchimp is a great tool and one of the most convenient email marketing platforms. You can organize contacts, send emails and therefore track results as to whether the email has been opened/read by the recipient or not or if the email sent was failed.

10. Slideshare

Individuals frequently tend to take presentations less interesting and ignore it but with slideshare things have changed. Individuals now use this tool to promote their stuffs be it product or service or content/ new releases etc whatsoever they need to share with the world. The general population looking for or interested in your stuff go through the presentations you shared via slideshare. Here you can browse, upload and share your content in the form slides withpublic across the web. This platform is amazingly helpful and popular today.