6 Best Online Ranking Tools for Marketers


Digital marketing is purely incompetent and incomplete without utilizing the power of productive marketing tools. These marketing tools and software programs not only make your marketing work easier, but effective and productive too. These tools are used for various types of online promotional work related to marketing and publicizing. In the field of business advancement and development, these tools are very effective, and useful for CRM, promotions, MLM, SEO and lead generation.

Top listed Marketing Softwares and Tools for lead generation and sales growth.

  1. HubSpot

    Hub Spot software meets every needs of online marketers. That is why undoubtedly, more than 15000 companies using this online marketing tool for their promotions.

    There are two stages:
    #1. the marketing stages and
    #2 the sales stages.

    On the marketing platform, Lead Management, analytics, Social Media, blogging, SEO, Landing Pages, email and Marketing Automation services are offered. HubSpot’s advertising platform is one of the best in the online market, and there is a free trial also to help customers understand the functioning of the platform. Hub Spot offers three type of subscriptions: Basic, Pro and Enterprise. The costs for every subscription are $200, $800 and $2400 per month.

  2. Marketo

    Marketo’s marketing platform offers buyer engagement, automation in advertising, real-time personalization and online marketing management. Marketo is a great idea to be the leader in inbound marketing, email promoting, event marketing and optimized ad services. It offers an expanded marketing tools that fulfill the needs of today’s online professional marketer. There is a free trial also to ensure that you get into something you understand completely and make its best use and more productivity.

  3. Exacttarget

    Exacttarget software offers a digital marketing platform that explores the newest patterns and trends in online advertising. With the use of content marketing tools, you have a great opportunity to implement your online marketing strategy and make the every customer interaction into sales. ExactTarget operates with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Buddy Media, and Social.com to form a network of marketing specialists in the world of online marketing. The network impowers the customer journeys across the web, email, social networks, mobile and other interaction points.

  4. Marin Software

    Now a days, Marine is a very famous software program in the field of digital marketing, because of its customized social marketing services. It allows marketers to use on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram advertising options to speed up their sales and returns. In Marin software platform, you get promoting solutions displayed, e.g powered audience segmentation and cross-device focusing & tracking. You are in full control of your own growth in business.

  5. Raven tools

    With this marketing tool, you are able to isolate the errors in your digital marketing campaign. Raven produced the best reports that you can ever get from the market. Its advance tools are capable enough to grab the most striking highlight, e.g competitive investigation and link building.

    With the help of Raven Tool, Digital Marketers can get new customers and strengthen their relation with the new ones. This tool produce reports on marketing research, your SEO problem, with other tools, e.g Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

  6. Cision

    This is the organization that understands problems facing modern online promotions and provides solutions specially in the field of social media marketing, digital marketing and communications. Using the power of promoting tools, Cision offers Public Relations software programe, Global insights and rich analytics that makes marketing more effevtive and result oriented.