Best Mobile Apps for Writers as Helping Tools for Better Writing


In today’s technology base, writing is no more difficult as it was in the earlier time when resources were limited. Today there has been a major shift from desktop to virtual writing with excellent word processing capabilities. Devices like smartphones, ipads, tablets and many other devices come with superior writing tools having more features and more accuracy. With help of these tools, writters have become more productive and effective.

Here are a few outstanding mobile apps for writers:-
1. Jotter pad

Acreatively designed application with great features. Because of its clean typing interface, jotter pad is considered as one of the best writing application. Application have all the editing tools like undo-redo option, extended keyboard, word count, built-in dictionary etc. Different fonts are there for typing with syntax featuring, and even has export options to DOCX and PDF. The application is free to download but if you want more creative features and additional highlights, you are required to purchase it.

2. Monospace Writing and Notes App (Android)

Monospace Writing application is filled withmodern style editing features. It allows usersto export via Markdown & its latest dropbox sync also. For minimal notes & writing this is the most used application though it is still in BETA version. The application is also available for free with 4.3 ratings out of 5.

3. Write

This application supports tons of sharing services, granular interface control and others. Application has a unique feature that highlights it from other competitive apps that is cursor nub that enables you to place the cursor while typing and swipe selection makes selecting the part of text error-less. For more accuracy and your concentration on what you are typing, you can also switch to full screen mode. Its a very good platform for writing as it provide many features like custom fonts, markdown formatting and preview, brightness control etc.

4. Microsoft Word

Well, the name is more than enough. The applicationenables you to create wonderful documents. Without having a dependency on your PCs or laptop, you can edit, view and documents on your phone. It covers all the familiar features of word like photo, tables, charts, formulas, footnotes, and fonts etc. There are also pre-made templates are available to save your time. You can share your work documents with others & don’t let your workdelayed because of place or time.

5. Drafts 4

The application is mostly used for writing instant ideas, and to recall later. You can even use it as a proper writingtool like youuse any other writing application. A customizable bar is also there to markdown shortcuts. With its Apple watch app, you can easily view your Drafts inbox. Overall the app is good & supports iOS device.

6. Evernote

The application already has more than 100 million downloads and is proving to be a great writing tool to all. It helps you to create check list, write notes, organize articles & much more. You can attach PDFs, office docs etc to it. The best feature of the application is being its offline access. You can work on it without internet connectivity. Evernote is a very wide application that could help writers in various methods. Available for free but you can enjoy extra features with its paid version.