Best Mobile Apps for Teachers


Instructors or tutors have to take care of lot of activities related to students & classes like student attendance, their lectures, behavior analysis, reports, assignments and much more. In today’s era, with help of application you can reduce your workload by managing your all tasks and daily repeated works.

Have a look on top 7 mobile applications for teachers and tutors that could be a great helping tool for teachers and some of these for students as well.

  1. Pocket

    Today, education is not limited within the walls of classroom. There can be different sources of learning and teaching. Pocket is one of the wonderful source that lets teachers to quickly save videos, articles and other content that will in reference with your future lectures. This app also work in offline mode. Any videos or articles you upload can be seen later in the app. Pocket provides a wonderful reading experience and you can also share with your classmates that what you are now reading via this application.

  2. Class Dojo

    This application works in a different way. It allows teachers to send messages to the parents regarding their child’s behaviour and progress in the class. Also it provides a feedback through comments like working hard need to work hard improving etc. to the parents. Now, there is no more dependency on school newsletters or notes. The app is available for free.

  3. eBackPack

    In this application you allowed to share your assignments with the whole class or with certain groups. You can review it and explain, then share it back. You can also manage your assignments with your calendar, as you are allowed to integrate your assignments, class tests with calendar. Ebackpack works on entire classroom workflow process without any printing. It gives an ability to administrators, teachers and students to work in that manner.

  4. Creative Writing

    For impressive writing, we need to have Creative thinking, ability to make perfect combination of words and sentence making sense. This app work as an addon for students and teachers in their writing skills. App provide 1000 initial lines for the content to improve your writing process. One can also share his work on social media if wants to do. Creative writing is a great tool for aspiring writers.

  5. Edmodo

    Don’t worry about the limited time in the school to get over. This app allows you to proceed with your discussion even after school hours. Content like assignments, videos, polls can be discussed over the app. So this wonderful app take learning process beyond the classroom.This application is available for both android as well as for iOS.

  6. Screenchomp

    It allows you to sketch while you are explaining something on iPhone. It helps you in pictorial representation of you idea. This application is available on iOS only. You can choose a plain background for your sketch or on any image.

  7. StudyBlue

    It allows you to create flashcards of your topics and contents for your anytime, anywhere study. In this app you have access to more than 360 million students made flashcards & notes on related topics from world’s biggest digital library. Teachers or tutors can use its features for creating digital sets of guides, quizzes, flashcards, to search for relevant content or important topics too with audio and video options. Notes can be organized according to topics so that they can be easily accessible without wasting time in searching. With StudyBlue application, students can get better grades in their studies. StudyBlue is available for free. You can download it from Google Play, iTunes or Amazon.