Instagram Marketing Tools and Apps for Marketers


Instagram’s fame has motivated marketers to spend more on Instagram marketing for their brands. For a success on Instagram, you have to build greater engagement on Instagram page and drive traffic this is not an easy job with so many others doing the same. We have some splendid Instagram tools to make the work simple for you on Instagram.

Explore these fabulous tools to catalyze your Instagram marketing and get more results in lesser time.
1. Regram

Use an app like Regram to reshare a client’s photograph of your product. Better yet, create your own hashtag and invite fans to tag your brand in their posts. You’ll get not only some great content to share but also referral marketing when they share their pictures with your network. Incentivize the sharing with a contest or coupon code.

2. Viraltag

Viraltag enables you to manage all of your content in one place, edit your pictures and prepare your captions. You can also schedule your posts at a particular time or automate your sharing.

3. Repost

Share Content From Your Communities with Repost. Repost is a mobile application that enables you to browse through content from your group and repost this content, giving full attribution to the individual who posted the picture in the first place.

4. Bitly

Use Bitly or Google’s URL Shortener to create your own shortened link, and then add it to your Instagram profile account. To track click-throughs with Google Analytics, add your UTM parameters using Google URL Builder. You can then see how changing your communities and your call to action impacts your click-through rate.

5. Later (formerly Latergramme)

Latergramme is another great choice for Instagram scheduling. An Instagram-centric platform, Latergramme also enables you to upload photographs from your desktop and schedule posts to Instagram. Following Instagram’s rules, any scheduling tool will require you to approve postings at the scheduled time by clicking a notification on your phone. In any case, being able to plan and execute the majority of your posts in advance will help you seize opportunities at key moments.

You need to connect your Instagram in order to register at Later and they ask you to download their application on your mobile or tablet (available for both, Android and iPhones platforms).

6. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is an amazing tool for us because we can analyze the key metrics of our account. It’s easy to know how many followers we’ve gained (or lost), which contents were the most attractive, the best time to post. Thanks to your platform, we’re able to build a real strategy and engage our audience by providing them what they really want to see.”

Iconosquare is the go-to Instagram investigation tool for advertisers: it enables Instagram users to monitor and analyze likes, comments, followers, and messages. This free tool sorts out the investigation of your Instagram account and puts them all in one dashboard. It’s the only Instagram tool that is inside and out.

7. Postso

Posto is a posting and scheduling tool. It was initially created for Instagram, but different platforms have been included over time.

In general, you most likely simply take pictures when you are out and about and share them instantly on Instagram. But what if you need to share a bunch of pictures? Rather than sharing them at the same time, it might make more sense to schedule them.

8. Justunfollow

Just Unfollow provides an easy approach to manage your followers on Instagram. It’s a web-based application that helps develops your followers, while identifying clients who aren’t engaging with you. Use this tool to clean out the list of individuals you follow and focus more on the ones more relevant to your business.

9. Twtrland

Twtrland began off as a Twitter analytics tool, but newly included Instagram and Facebook. The Instagram functionality enables you to analyze your competitors accounts on Instagram. Search for a competitor based on ability, location or name. From the resulting list, pick out the account you required to analyze and open up their profile. You’ll have the choice of review their Twitter or Instagram details.

10. Flipagram

Flipagram allows you to take a series of photos and put them together to create a quick slideshow video for Instagram. They call them photograph video stories.

This kind of Instagram post is a quick and simple way for followers to consume their products it’s much faster than going through photographs manually – as the photographs are only seen for about a second before it flashes to the next.

11. Layout (Instagram’s College App )

Layout is Instagram’s college application, and it’s by far the easiest application of its kind. It enables you to combine 2-9 of your photographs into one picture.

There are three choices from where you can pick your photos: camera roll, recent photographs and an interesting faces decision where Layout compiles the photographs you have of individuals(faces).

There are also a lot of creative highlights included: for example, reflecting, flipping, resizing and adjusting with just a few taps. It has a photo booth feature which includes a countdown where you can snap up to 4 photos in a row.