"Planning and Thinking are the integral part of everyone’s life,
their implementation becomes success."


Sharat Bharadwaj

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Now send money on WhatsApp using WhatsApp coins; A new FB cryptocurrency project

The major social media and messaging platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Signal are currently under discussion and plan to roll out new crypto-currencies in the coming years. The new project aims to allow...

WhatsApp Bug on Android: Deleting Chats older than one year

Recently, a WhatsApp bug has been notified on Twitter by a group of android users affecting since a long time i.e deleting their old chats. Some android users assumed that it is because of...

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I am always ready to offer technical consultation, at any point of time. Then be it round the clock help, troubleshoot, debug & rectify problems, train / educate, suggest effective ideas, or work into the odd hours of the night to finish our customer's high-priority projects.

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Best e-commerce Shopping websites in UK

With e-commerce websites growing in leaps and bounds in the UK, online shopping has been become a part of modern life bliss. Online shopping...

Why Samsung Galaxy S9 punch OnePlus 6 in Android market

Literally, there are some interesting points that truly justify the Galaxy S9's high retail price in the market. Here are a few of...

Amazon will ban you permanently if you return items too many...

Amazon have been able to drag customers from physical stores because of its 'no questions asked' return policy. Any user can return his ordered...

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